Business Plan Development

IPlanning business strategy is essentially is about completely understanding your institutional competence and appreciating its realistic value in relation to thoseof your competitors. AHG will help you every step of the way in the formulation of the strategy that will optimally utilize your organization’s core competencies. This will go a long way in serving you, by giving you a competitive advantage that will propel your enterprise forward. AHG will also determine the scope of services, including research and education.

AHG will also develop or review (in case of existing facilities) financial projections and make necessary recommendations regarding the right amount of investment that should go into the building, equipment, healthcare and information technology, while arriving at precise working capital needs. 

Our skilled consultants will aid you in:

  •  Strategic market entry and expansion 
  • Competitor analysis 
  • Establishment of clinic networks 
  • Competitive advantage determination tailored from your organization’s core capabilities and your target market
  • Financial modelling 
  • Resource prioritization and strategic capital planning
  • Assessment of competition through scenario analysis