Operational Design Services

Healthcare facilities have traditionally been designed to include and incorporate functions that physically support the medical profession, such as highly advanced medical rooms and various support systems for medical care. It is rarely designed to the advantage of the patient in a way that it will benefit in their recovery. The new healthcare paradigm that AHG espouses and fosters isfocused on the development of holistic healing and complete wellness.

In responding to this new route towards meeting patient needs, AHG offers services that predominantly focus on the healing architecture and healing environment, while developing healthcare facilities. Our highly dependable team of expert healthcare design and planning professionals, works with clients to define their goals, strengthen their mission and create patient-focused environments that meet the unique challenges of healthcare design.

Adhering to its policy of setting benchmarks in the healthcare industry, coming up with customer service, formulating patient care innovations, and raising the bar in providing premium healthcare, the AHG views operational design differently from the regular hospital project management company.

To provide the right environment for right care both for the patient and the healthcare provider, the AHG can assist in:

  • Schematic site planning
  • Site assessment, development and planning
  • Medical building design
  • Medical facility architecture
  • Healthcare architecture planning and design
  • Medical space planning
  • Medical construction consulting
  • Healthcare interior design
  • Landscape design
  • Program vision development
  • Program capacity requirements
  • Detailed functional and space programming
  • Clinical space planning