Medical Equipment and Technology

When it comes to the selection, specification and procurement of medical equipment,AHG™s consultants bring their vast experience in healthcare to the forefront. They make sure that no effort isspared to be certain that clients get the best value for money and operational investment.

AHG actually goes another step further, working closely with equipment suppliers to assure that the end users, i.e the operators who will be manning the medical equipment, get appropriate and sufficient training, apart from complete instructions on the equipment’s handling, uses and the technology behind it; and also knowledge of emergency procedures to be undertaken, should anything untoward occur. 

Safety and quality are the hallmarks of any facility that AHG involves itself with. Therefore, only cutting-edge and proven healthcare technologies and top-of-the-line equipment will be procured for medical facilities that have been implemented or managed by AHG. This is done meticulously in order to meet AHG’s demanding standards for safety, security and patient confidentiality. AHG undertakes to ensure that only the best medical equipment and supplies make their way into any facility managed by them.

AHG will also set up a guidelines grid for appropriate procedures that must be followed when sourcing and procuring equipment, supplies, medicines and operational necessities. This procurement process will include the required systems for maintaining appropriate checks and balances in the system in order to pinpoint and minimize waste. This will ensure that state-of-the-art equipment is purchased at the appropriate price, delivered on schedule and installed properly, with optimum utilization of time, space and money.

AHG will also be instrumental in the selection of Health Information Systems and will oversee their implementation, ensuring appropriate installation, utilization and user confidentiality.

To help clients achieve the most advanced and cost-effective healthcare facility, the AHG provides a strategic approach to your needs in the following areas:

  • Equipment and furniture planning, tendering, evaluation, and procurement
  • Technical objectivity
  • Functional and operational feasibility
  • In-synching to clinical and medical plan
  • Equipment assessment and vendor selection
  • Capital expenditure and budget preparation
  • Development of group purchasing and aggregation programs
  • Coordination and management of logistics, installation and commissioning of equipment
  • Site preparation